Donát Kékesi - Photography


Our film projects include full execution from screenwriting to shooting and post-production, all within a short deadline.

In the past couple of years many different companies were our clients for whom we have shot advertisements, image videos and haveshooting videos at their events and conferences. Moreover, we have participated in artistic projects, feature films and music videos. Take a look at our portfolio and contact us to discuss all your needs!

Film projects

Buda, Short film, 2012, 15 min 11 sec, Director: Dot Kopek, DOP: Donát Kékesi

Trailer, 2012, 2 min 23 sec, Concept: Donát Kékesi, Director: Dot Kopek, DOP: Donát Kékesi

Spot film, 2011, 33 sec, Made by: Nadja Andrasev, Petra Lilla Marjai, Soma Sebesvári, Photography: Donát Kékesi

Event-film, 2:08, 2017. Concept: Dániel Csángó, Director and DOP: Donát Kékesi

Music Video, 2013., 3 min 30 sec, Director: Péter Ráday, DOP: Donát Kékesi

Music Video, 2012, 6 min 12 sec, Director and DOP: Donát Kékesi

Education image film, 4:16, 2017.Director and DOP: Donát Kékesi

Campaign video, 1:27, 2017. Concept: Artúr Kesztyűs, Director and DOP: Donát Kékesi 

Event- film, 3:02, 2017.

Image film, 1:18, 2016. Director: Dot Kopek, DOP: Donát Kékesi

2013., 4 min 3 sec, made by KISJUSTK and Donát Kékesi