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A brand is all about self-expression. It deserves time and energy to find the right people who can help you bring out your personality.

While stock photos offer a quick and easy solution, why settle for content that is not about you and lacks personality and authenticity?

Take your visual communication to the next level with us! Whether you have a business, brand, product, or service, our team works with yours to develop and implement a unique, creative concept. We create visuals that allow you to effectively communicate your company’s values with authenticity.

Past Advertising


What Content

Do We Make?


Every campaign tells a story. Our approach to advertising photography is to create images that not only convey a mood or an atmosphere, but also highlight the values of the brand, product, or service. We always make sure that the lighting and composition is perfect. Together we can best communicate your brand’s message to your target audience.

Corporate Image

At the forefront of every online communication platform are image photos – in social media, in advertising on the web. Our marketing specialist is involved in the design and concept development, as well as at the photo session. You will receive a final product that accurately conveys the essence of company.


From the cover to the fashion editorials to the PR articles, taking pictures for a magazine is a creative and exciting task all around. When photographing an interview, the image needs to speak for itself. We have experience bring the best out of your magazines.


Interior photo shoots are usually requested when you are selling real estate. Whether it is to attract more customers or to speed up the sales process, the goal is the same: to make a desired space attractive to potential buyers. From a weekend house to a castle, we can shoot any property properly.

Product Photography

Unique photos of products spark customer interest and answer questions. Immaculate pictures build trust, as customers unconsciously associate a good photo with quality. When choosing composition and backgrounds for product photography, we always keep the intended use of the images in mind to ensure that the photos are in line with the style of the website, publication, or catalog.

Event Promotion

Our event promotion service includes more than the complete coverage of your event. It includes the pre-marketing of your event as well as mood and interior photos of the event location, the ‘storytelling’ photographs and of course, social media pictures. All this is done with planned precision according to your needs and requests. 


What We Offer

The Meeting

First, we get familiar with your vision. We get to know you, your brand and your goals for the project. I am ready to take part in brainstorming, and will show you some of my previous work as an inspiration.

Creative Concept, Script

After our meeting, you will receive several creative concepts, moods, and sketches. We will choose together the one that suits your brand best and then finalize the schedule. All that’s left is the shoot itself.


Our team has extensive experience organizing photo shoots using an essential work-flow. At this stage, we do the casting, finalize the script and schedule the crew. Our team includes hairdressers, make-up artists and stylists to ensure that you get the best end result.

The Photo Shoot

We believe in polite, confident and empathetic communication. Your photo shoot starts with the plan we developed together. The advantage of a complete photography crew is that everybody gets the right attention. On top of that, the photo session is equipped with a control-monitor that instantly displays the images so we can make everything perfect – from the lighting, to the angles and the composition. We use only the best equipment and tools in all of our shoots.

The Team

Our high quality standards require us to work with the best people in the industry. Your project is supported by a meticulous project manager, creatives, photographers, assistants, make-up artists, and stylists.

When it comes to larger productions, a dedicated project liaison and coordinator ensure smooth communication between the client and the production team. You can contact them at any time in case of arising questions during the photo shoot.


Once the project is in post-production, we continue to keep the goals and purpose of the campaign in mind. First, we select the images to be enhanced using the latest Adobe post-production software. We apply color correction, retouch the images and, if necessary, apply perspective correction. At the end, the complete material is uploaded to a password-protected gallery by the agreed deadline.

Behind-the-Scenes Photos and Videos

A photo shoot based on an exciting concept is a special experience. Therefore, in many cases we record some behind-the-scenes moments with an additional camera so that those present on set can later take a trip down memory lane. These photos and videos not only reinforce the corporate brand but can also be used as a great tool in an employer branding campaign.



5 db csillag

“As a dentist, it is important to present a positive image not only in person when we meet with patients, but also before treatment sessions, so that they are not afraid of visiting our dental office. However, I wanted to have photos of myself and my colleagues on our website that show how friendly and approachable we are.”

Dr. Artúr Varajti

Corporate image, advertising

5 db csillag

“I was very pleased that we could quickly come to an agreement on the details of the photo shoot. Donát prepared a precise schedule of the day of shooting, so the office could run as usual. He knew exactly how to communicate on set, what language to use, and knew how to bring out exactly what we wanted from our colleagues. He always offers great value for the price.”

Dr. Balázs Horváth

Portrait & headshot, image

5 db csillag

“Our company will soon enter the international market, so our goal was to do it all with professional photos on our new website. Donát was not only flexible and efficient but he also delivered the retouched pictures extra quickly, which we are very grateful for.”

Bálint Molnár

Portrait & headshot, product

5 db csillag

“We were looking for the right person to do our photo shoot for a long time to do portraits of our colleagues in a worthy way. We loved the photo shoot! Thank you in particular for taking all the spontaneous photos from ideas that came up onsite. You even took the time to capture our interior.. Your work speaks for itself!”

Rita Gódor-Nagy

Corporate image, product

5 db csillag

“When we opened our co-working office, we had no idea that in addition to location and free coffee, what difference it makes to how people perceive the office on our website. Donát’s pictures reflect how our co-working spaces look in reality in a very tasteful way.”

Balázs Horváth

Interior, advertising

5 db csillag

“Alongside the stunning photos of our meals, we have realized that it is the atmosphere that really makes a guest become a regular. We are proud of our interior, which Donát has captured with sensitivity and amazing perspective.”

Felix Kitchen & Bar